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KVM Switches: 10 things choose for select best one


The KVM switch is a hardware input device that allows the user to exercise control over multiple computer using a single video monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Keep in mind below things for select best KVM Switches.

1. Digital vs. Front-end IP products: If you want to use switch over IP, you can choose between pure digital applications and front-end IP products.

2. Support for Audio: Some KVM switches keep audio support. For example, UltraView Pro series will support audio for users and computers.

3. Integration of Remote Power Management Functionality: By integrating a remote load device, administrators can cycle power to a server from a user station or through an internet browser from any location worldwide.

4. Security/Authentication: Most KVM over IP devices allow an administrator to leverage existing authentication schema.


5. The Number of Users: Multi-User switches range from smaller 4-Port able to handle dozens of servers, to integrated KVM systems capable of allowing hundreds of administrators to control thousands of servers.

6. CAT5 Switches: CAT5 dramatically reduce desktop and server rack cable clutter and allow users and computers to be situated farther apart than they could be using standard KVM cables.

7. Resolution and Performance: Resolutions vary by device; some product over IP switches provide a maximum of up to 1600X1200 at 60Hz over IP.

8. Support for Serial Devices: Some High-End KVM Switches enterprise solutions provide support for serial devices (routers, headless Unix, etc.) Avocent and Raritan devices provide support for serial devices through the use of dongles.


9. Bandwidth: Bandwidth requirements will vary significantly depending on the graphic intensity of the application you are using.

10. Distance Requirements: The maximum distance between a user and server with a CAT5 KVM switch varies, with some high-end analog CAT5 KVM switches.

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How to Buy Quality Of KVM Switches Online

Do you want to buy good quality of KVM switches at affordable rates? Then, you must check out the various online stores as they provide quality of switches that will not pinch your pockets anymore! Now a day’s use of end servers, it is very difficult for the Network Engineers to control multiple computers with multiple peripherals and this is where the role of KVM Switch comes into play.

The product comes with ports and interfaces for mouse, keyboard, video and USB. The easy to carry feature enables to carry the product anywhere of their choice as they are not that heavy. The Dual Video DVI KVM Switch & the Dual Video PS2 KVM Switch help to control multiple computers with dual video connections.

The PS2 KVM Switches with high range of Audio performs the same function with the added ability to switch audio from each PC that is connected & transmit the sound to a set of peripheral speakers.


The quality of switches can easily monitor and control several PS2/USB based computers using a single keyboard, DVI monitor and mouse (KVM Set). Choose the quality of KVM switches which ease your work.

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